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Reading 5. Match texts 1-7 with headings A-H. Use the headings only once. There is one you do not need to use. A combination of accommodation and transport, a camper van is a great way to get around. You can spend your holiday at your own pace and enjoy some quality time with your family. As you are in charge of the driving, you can choose your own routes. But perhaps the best thing of all is having your own conveniences on board to make your trip easier... 3
Reading 6. Read the text and match items A-G with gaps 1-6. There is one item you do not need to use. Colourful and crunchy fruit and vegetables can be an enjoyable part of our diet. However, not all children and adults eat the recommended amount of two pieces of fruit and five vegetables per day. Some children learn to expect 'tastier' snack foods (1) Unfortunately, parents may not always set a good example (2).
There are many reasons why we should eat plenty of fresh produce. Not only are they packed with healthy vitamins,(3). Eating
more fruits and vegetables can also lower cholesterol and bring down high blood pressure. They also keep your eyes and digestive system in good shape.
Fruit and vegetables may be any colour, shape, texture or variety. They can be frozen, fresh, tinned or dried. There are also many ways to prepare them (4). It is important to include a

variety of different colours of fruit and vegetables in your diet.
Sometimes vegetables and fruit can seem expensive. But, compared to packaged foods like crisps, they are relatively cheap. If you are worried about the cost, choose those that are in season. That way you will get a chance to try new things (5).
So how can we find ways to include more fruit and vegetables in our diet? It is a good idea to add fruit to your breakfast cereal in the mornings. Or you can try drinking fruit
juice (6). Increasing the amount of
fruit and vegetables you eat by as little as
one serving a day can make a big difference.
A but they can also lower the risk of disease
B and enjoy more flavour, too
C such as steaming, boiling, microwaving, stir-frying or roasting
D and reject the healthier options such as raw carrots or an apple
E which give us the daily vitamins that we need 5
Reading 7. Match texts 1-7 with headings A-H, mark the correct sentence. Use the headings only once. There is one you do not need to use.
Nowadays it has become very easy to access music via CDs, the radio or by downloading your favourite tracks from the Internet. In fact, it is quite easy to forget how music is made and people these days seldom go to hear music being performed. In my opinion, we should make an effort to go to concerts and support musicians. We should recognise and enjoy their talent.
2 __B___
The Lost Pony tells the story of a young girl, Annie and the special relationship she has with her four-legged friend, Hannah. All is well until Hannah mysteriously disappears one day, seemingly never to return. The book is full of emotion and has vivid descriptions of Texas, where the book is set. Far from predictable, this book will thrill any reader from the age of ten!
3 ___E___
You may wonder why so many people all over the world watch daily soap operas. Got nothing better to do with their time? Well, watching soaps is better for you than you might imagine. The plot lines may be rather predictable, but there are plenty of things we can learn from what the characters experience. Such programmes are surprisingly educative and they approach topics in a light-hearted way. This may be why they are so popular. The aim is to collect as many pineapples as possible on the island of Hawaii. To make it more exciting and interesting, Aerobeak meets various characters along the way and has to solve puzzles. An excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon. The graphics and music are original too! // ...to offer a fascinating programme again this August. With music and dance groups from all around the world, events will include concerts, workshops and street theatre. A detailed programme will be available from June.
6 _C_____
After opening in December 1997, Titanic began to draw huge crowds of cinema-goers and became the first film to earn more than $1 billion, beating films such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park. The film stayed in cinemas for over six months and won many awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Original Score and Best Song.
7 __A____
The Eldridge String Quartet, The Youth Chamber Orchestra and soprano Deirdre Silver will be performing at 8.30 p.m. in the Arts Centre on Friday. Tickets cost €6 and are available now at the box office or bookable online at: www.tickets.co.uk/arts

You can't imagine how much fun you can have with Aerobeak the Parrot, available in new Pocket PC edition.
Reading 8. Read the text and match items A-G with gaps 53-58. There is one item you do not need to use. Write your answers in the table below.

Thanks to new technology, going to school these days can be a pleasant experience. No longer having to rely on 'chalk and talk', teachers can give pupils the opportunity to play a more active role in their own learning. This makes learning a more individual experience and students with different learning styles can take in knowledge more easily. This can motivate students (1).
Nowadays students can learn individually or in groups to improve their skills. Using technology is said to develop students' critical thinking, cooperative learning (2).
Students can also learn at their own pace with the use of computers.
However, not all schools are taking full advantage of these opportunities. Sometimes schools cannot afford to buy the equipment (3).

In other cases, schools have the resources (4). Schools need to decide which types of technology can improve teaching to make learning (5).
In addition, teachers need to become familiar with new products, software and on-line resources (6). Only
in this way will schools be able to function effectively in the future
A but lack clear goals
B more attractive and valuable to students
C and communication skills
D and discuss them with their colleagues
E or teachers are insufficiently trained to use it in their classes
F although it makes them feel more comfortable using technology
G especially as most students enjoy using computers
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